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Danielle has been following Christ since the age of 13. Her devotion to serving others as Christ desires led her to a career in nursing. Danielle has been caring for children as a pediatric nurse since 2004. Caring for children, especially the fatherless, is her passion.

After learning Operation Blessing Bag’s mission, Danielle quickly became an asset to the ministry. She’s served by sponsoring Blessing Bags, volunteering at packing parties, and now volunteering her time as an Officer on the Board of Directors. Danielle always brings critical thinking to the table at board meetings and helps brainstorm new ideas to continuously improve our systems.

“Operation Blessing Bag tugged my heart strings upon first hearing Carly’s story and observing her passion to help orphans.” -Danielle Topper

Danielle Morehead

Board Secretary

Fundraising Committee Member

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