Lead Inventory Control Volunteer

"I volunteer with Operation Blessing Bag because it’s how I can help now. Being a foster parent is a dream of mine and while we get those pieces put together, this is what I can do to let kids know they’re special, valued, and oh so loved."


Fundraising Events Volunteer

"I joined OBB to help make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most. God blessed me with one wonderful child, I wish I could have been able to have more. Through OBB I feel like I can touch the lives of hundreds of children and let them know that there is good in the world and that someone out there loves them too."


Donations Request Volunteer
Inventory Control Assisstant

"I could feel God calling me to come alongside this ministry in any way that I could. In the beginning that meant sponsoring bags, collecting socks at church, and volunteering at packing parties. Now as a Core Volunteer, it means answering God's call with "Here I am, send me," when a need arises." Click here to read Sarah's full volunteer story.


Lead Logistics Volunteer

"I think it's very important for kids to feel loved, wanted, and needed. When I was growing up God put people in my life who poured the good news into my life. I volunteer for Operation Blessing Bag because it's the least I can do to help someone else."


Purchasing Volunteer

"I love helping people, especially kids because they should never have to suffer. My friend, Carly, told me Operation Blessing Bag had a need for my specific skills and I've been honored to help ever since."


Executive Director

"God put it on my heart to tell kids in foster care how valuable they are. I volunteer at Operation Blessing Bag to plant that seed of love in as many of their hearts as possible. I love that OBB is growing and reaching more kids than I ever could have on my own."




Carly, her friend Rhonda, and their families delivered the first unofficial batch of Blessing Bags to children’s services in November of 2015. Carly’s mom, Carol, and role model, Rita, both spent time in the foster care system. Their stories about carrying old worn out possessions in trash bags inspired her to continue providing Blessing Bags to local foster care agencies. 

Since then Operation Blessing Bag has incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit, grown to serve a variety of agencies and counties in Southwest Ohio, filled more than 1200 Blessing Bags, and inspired many to become more involved in the foster care system.

Carly believes Blessing Bags make a difference but that being a supportive role model is how you make the biggest impact in a child’s life. That's why her family started the process to become a licensed foster home.

Carly is the owner and operator of the home based business she started 5 years ago. She draws from her entrepreneurial spirit, experience in small business, and passion for the cause to drive Operation Blessing Bag to their goals.

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