• Carly LaGory

#Solve7 Sunday

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

What's the impact of 406 Blessing Bags packed in less than 2 hours? The quality of life for so many children will be improved. Hundreds of homes will be reminded or introduced to the Good News of the Gospel. And Operation Blessing Bag is forever changed. Thank you, Whitewater Crossing Christian and all the Solve 7 volunteers, for helping us take our mission to the next level! Previously we had 3 foster care agencies partnered with us:

NYAP (National Youth Advocate Program),

Ohio Mentor, and

Butler County through Hope’s Closet.

How it's always worked previously is when an agency first partners with us we put together an original delivery of Blessing Bags for them at a Packing Party. Then we reach back out to them every time we’re preparing to have another packing party to see what they need based on how many Blessing Bags they’ve used since their last delivery. We make deliveries to fill the needs at each agency the best we can. With the 406 bags from #Solve7 Sunday we’ll be able to top off the 3 agencies we already serve, plus keep a stash of Blessing Bags on hand. That means from now on we'll be delivering Blessing Bags as agencies need them. In addition to that we’ve partnered with a 4th agency, NECCO, who is so excited to get their first delivery.

It was our absolute pleasure to meet the loving volunteers from Whitewater Crossing who helped us get this giant batch of Blessing Bags ready for delivery. Here's a few picture of the fun we had this morning:

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